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Helpful Tips & News

Helpful Tips & News

We've put together some hints & tips for users of our equine products.

Cleaning Your Polyconcrete Feeder

The recommended method for cleaning the feeder systems is a water pressure cleaner. No detergent is usually required in the system but can be used if required. It is advised to check the suitability of any detergents or cleaners on a small area of a feeder before any intensive use.   IMPO...

How to Choose and Organise Posts for your Fence

We recommend for posts....... Posts should be 6/7ft high and 4"/5" diameter round. These posts should be driven at least 2ft into the ground. There should be 2.7m/8ft 10" space between each post. Straining Posts should be 10ft high and 7"/9" in thickness and d...